Service Engineer

San Francisco, California, United States


  1. General Desktop support for AIPMR team members
  2. Assist with setup of the SFO “Reactor”
    1. Using existing systems to re-image machines
    2. Physically moving desks and equipment around to meet the needs of the Reactor team
  3. General networking troubleshooting and support
    1. Setting IPs and DNS settings on systems and Hololens devices
    2. Troubleshoot network issues for desktop and team member machines


  1. Keeping inventory of equipment and Hololens devices for the Reactor and office area
  2. Confirm desktop systems are correctly patched with security updates as needed
  3. Assist Reactor team with “low-hanging” tasks as needed
  4. Assist Redmond team with “low-hanging” tasks as needed
  5. Keep ticket/task system up to date with status of work
  6. Report weekly to AnalogSE leadership on status and work performed for the week and what is expected the next week


Salary: 40 - 60k

Hours: 8 - 5

Travel: Yes/Seattle

Start Date: ASAP after interviews

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