Processing Technician

San Francisco, California, United States · Analog R&D


Are you, or have you been a render wrangler? This might be the job for you!

Details matter to you. Finding the right knobs and dials to get the product just right appeals to you.

We’re looking to train the right person on our proprietary software pipeline used to create the best volumetric video in the marketplace. We refine point clouds using a broad set tools and algorithms to create meshes and textures that become holograms used in mixed reality experiences. As a member of the processing team, you are the key to creating the best-looking holograms possible. We’ll teach you the ins and outs of our custom solution. For the most part this requires looking at various stages of the pipeline and making template adjustments. On occasion, some manual manipulation (with 3D software) may be required.

You’ll work collaboratively with the Creative Director, Technical Artists, Software Developers, Producers and Customers to oversee production progress, quality control, and follow through to client delivery.


Main Responsibilities

Required Experience and Qualifications

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About Us

Our team is located in the heart of San Francisco, and we power the technology behind holographic video and the Mixed Reality Capture Studio. With your help we’ll bring holograms of dynamic people and performances to augmented reality, virtual reality, and even 2D screens. Our team’s technology is a critical component of Microsoft’s vision for the future of Mixed Reality experiences and unlocks the potential to tell human stories in ways we have not yet dreamed.

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