Technician Artist

San Francisco, California, United States · Analog R&D



The Technical Artist role is key to creating solutions that unlock the potential of what’s possible with holographic content captured using our process. Through knowledge of the technology combined with a demonstrated ability to problem solve, you will bridge the gap between creatives and developers to enable customers to extend the value of the original capture to create beautiful holograms for a wide variety of consumption devices. We value generalists highly.

As a core part of our team, you’ll work collaboratively with the Creative Director, fellow Technical Artists, Software Developers, Producers and Customers to inspire, drive and support amazing visuals through all stages of production.


Main Responsibilities

Required Experience and Qualifications

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There are plenty of other skills that aren’t required, but you’ll find useful in this role. Let us know if you have experience with…


About Us

The Mixed Reality Capture Studio team is located in the heart of San Francisco, and we create the technology behind holographic video. With your help we’ll bring holograms of dynamic people and performances to augmented reality, virtual reality, and even 2D screens. Our team’s tech is a critical component of Microsoft’s vision for the future of Mixed Reality experiences, and unlocks the potential to tell human stories in ways we have not yet dreamed to add emotional and practical value to your world.

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