Software Architect

Seattle, Washington, United States · TECHNOLOGY


You are a software architect with years of experience in enterprise software engineering. You know all the databases, all the API philosophies, all the cloud services (especially AWS), and you live to design systems for performance, testability, scalability, and availability. You believe architects should have their hands in code, from the proofing-out of design concepts to the implementation and delivery of shared horizontal tools and frameworks. You know that simplicity and visibility are inversely proportional to business risk, and while you encourage calculated risk-taking, you’re careful to calculate risk. You’re creative and innovative, and your passion and communication skills inspire others in the organization to align with your vision and accept your collaborative guidance. At the end of the day, you are excited about delivering business value to customers.

About the Job

You and a senior architect will be responsible for designing, building, and socializing the adoption of concepts and standards to meet big-picture business goals like speed of delivery, quality, user experience, and performance of our enterprise SaaS application. The architecture team specializes in fully functional templates and proofs-of-concept that align with the vision and product roadmap, and collaborates with product engineering teams to ensure viability, adoption, and consistency across the organization. You’ll need to be a visionary, an evangelist, and a mentor to full-stack teams building shiny, state-of-the-art implementations within the context of a legacy monolith. Our technologies include but aren’t limited to: JavaScript (Node.js, ReactJS+Redux, ES6), C# (.NET), HTML5/CSS3 (Sass), Windows, Linux, virtualization (Docker, VMs, Amazon EC2+ECS), AWS, MS SQL Server, Chef, and GitHub.

About the Engineering Team

Our client's engineering team in Seattle owns the Daptiv PPM, a cloud-based SaaS product for enterprises managing project portfolios. Whether it is implementing the next cutting-edge feature for our customers or implementing a better solution for scalability, there are a ton of interesting challenges our team solves every day. We are a committed Agile shop and believe that goal-oriented, self-motivated, empowered teams can do extraordinary work.

Engineering Values

Integrity: Be honest with your estimates. We’re professionals who believe in communicating and driving to meet realistic estimates. Take risks, but also take responsibility. Technology doesn’t stand still, neither should we. We take calculated risks and work hard to make them succeed.

Passion: Leave it better than you found it. We take pride in our craft and are always pragmatically chiseling out cleaner, simpler, and faster implementations in our code base. Be so good they can’t ignore you. We believe “the highest good” for Changepoint and our engineers intersects at mastery.

Teamwork: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. We know that frequent, clear, and host communication across silos is key to rapidly delivering business value. Commitment to the team and its goals. We believe that a team is greater than the sum of its parts when every team member is committed to the team’s goals.

Respect: Equally respect all team members and roles. We believe the best teams respect other’s contributions and points of view as teams engaged in positive conflict are more productive. Engage with team members in a way that results in healthy, positive, meaningful outcomes. As engineers we know everything sits somewhere on the gradient of acceptability, but we also know we need to stay positive and celebrate our successes.




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